Recruitment Microsites

Helping recruiters to facilitate successful placements.

How They Work

A microsite is a small information website, specifically tailored and presented beautifully to convey: the role in question, the company offering the position and any relevant market data. The idea is that once you’ve spoken with a prospective candidate and told them about the role on offer, you send a follow up email with a link and password. They click the link, enter the password and a unique microsite (tailored to that specific role) appears. An attractive, professional platform to convey to the candidate more details of the presented role.

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A useful tool when pitching to entice future clients; our high end, responsive microsites are built to impress.


Without delays, we provide a 48 hour service and each microsite comes complete with a PDF reference document.


We are serious about security and go to great lengths to protect your company, clients and candidates.

How We Work

Together we agree the layout and style of your microsite.

You then provide us with any necessary content (such as information about the role in question and any promotional media from your client).

We then build your fully responsive microsite and test that it seamlessly adapts its display when viewed on a phone, tablet or computer.

Upon site completion we send you a secure link so that you may verify and approve the completed microsite.

Security Measures

Private Server

The microsite itself will be hosted on a firewall protected private server.


Password Protected

Each microsite has the option of being password protected so that access to the site will require a password at entry point.

Unique URL

Our microsites will not affect your existing company website. The site links you send to candidates will have a unique URL closely associated to your company (i.e. a different domain extension or a hyphenated name – to be decided by you).



Your company retains full copyright to the site.

Direct Access

The sites themselves are not indexed and only the candidates with a direct link and password will be able to view them.


We’re here for you: backing up, hosting and managing your microsites – as well as fixing any technical glitches that arise as and when they happen.

Price Per Microsite: £300