Graphic Design

Taking Pride in Your Company’s Appearance

At Cazadore Ltd our graphic design is bold and creative and will set you apart from your competition.


Logo & Branding

We instill customer trust in your business with clean and professional branding. Our creative designs will stand you apart from your competition by making you instantly recognisable.


Print Ready Materials

Our print ready services ensure your brand will be communicated and advertised offline with consistency. Our services range all the way from business cards and leaflets to food menus.


Digital & Editable

We create editable templates provide you with complete administrative control without compromising your branding. We also create digital graphics such as banners, adverts and social media materials.



Branding is the process of creating an identity that communicates your business, what you offer and what you value to customers. 

Creating a brand starts with listening, understanding and discussing your needs. It is then our job to research, plan and use our creative expertise here at Cazadore Limited to build your brand.

Consistency is key to great branding. We make sure your logo, business cards, stationery and website all align with your unique company design.

Logo Design with 3 various styles starting from – £80
Logo Design with 5 various styles starting from – £100


Promotional Materials

We create a range of print ready, digital and editable materials to take care of all your business needs. If you need business stationary such as an invoice template or you need to email customers with named tickets for an event or timed vouchers for a promotion, our editable materials boost productivity and ease the strain of administrative work. Our print ready documents will be adjusted to fit your chosen printers guidelines, if you are yet to choose a printer then we are happy to present you with various quotes and arrange for your materials to be printed. 

Brochure Design

Brochure Design

An effective brochure, even in this digital age, remains a key component of any marketing campaign. Our experience has been built making individual product design brochures and business to business brochures so whether you are in need of a simple redesign or constructing something new and fresh, brochures are a speciality of ours.

Prices Will Vary Depending on the Project

We Do Our Best to Work Within Your Budget