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Cazadore is a company that is based in the city of York, that helps small to medium sized businesses build an online presence.

We offer a very personal and professional service. We recognise that you are already too busy running and building your own business, so we are here to take care of all your needs from building your website and designing your business cards to setting up business emails on your phone and computer. But enough about us. How can we help you?


Project Feature

The Henna Circle Ltd. approached us requiring a brand identity and online presence.

  • Logo Design

  • Domain Registration

  • Website Design

  • Business Card Design

  • Web Hosting

  • Website Maintenance

  • Business Invoice Design

  • Email Setup

  • Identity and Branding

After considering the growth of my henna business, a friend of mine recommended that I contact Cazadore. I met with Caroline and Dean who much to my surprise had already conducted background research based off our phone conversation. We laid out a clear plan of action and I kept an open communication with Caroline throughout the project. It was so refreshing not to hear buzzwords or jargon being talked at me and instead having productive business conversations in just plain, simple english. The business cards and the website both turned out better than I could have ever expected; the whole team was so friendly and easy to work with. When I talk to people who have had websites done elsewhere they are always so shocked at the quality of my website and the price I paid to have it done. It can sometimes be hard as a small business owner to find professional services that don’t charge me big business rates – I often feel as though prices are too inflated for what I need and those offering cheaper rates often largely miss the mark on quality of work. Working with Cazadore was an absolute pleasure. I can’t recommend the team enough and I can’t imagine ever working with another digital agency.

Arshia Ahmad, Owner of The Henna Circle

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All pricing is on an individual basis, and surprisingly more reasonable than you would expect so don’t be afraid to request a quote.